11 amazing houses with a lot of glass

Contemporary buildings are amazing showcases of the talents and imaginations of modern architects but nothing seems to garner quite as much attention as a house made of glass. We are seeing some absolutely incredible properties spring up now, complete with floor to roof glazing and really eye-catching designs, which is why we thought you’d love to see some of our favorites.

From a prefab house with a glazed facade through to a glass extension that juts out onto a terrace that will blow your mind, we have something for everyone here. If you have ever thought about building a new home and have pondered the idea of extensive glazing, prepare to really have your mind made up for you!

1. Simple and elegant.

Simple and elegant

The contrast of the white walls, black frames and crystal clear glass here makes for a striking and gorgeous home. We love the way that wherever glass could reasonably be added, it has been and yet, it doesn’t look too much or as if it isn’t a natural and organic design.

2. Wood and glass.

Wood and glass

Talk about a wooden house with a lot of glass! Framing the transparent sheets with warm wood has created a far more homey vibe, while also bedding the entire property into the surroundings more. So pretty and with white window frames, there is a delicate softness to the entire building.

 3. Those angles!

Those angles

Given that this striking home features 58 windows, it should be called the ‘house of glazed windows’. Talk about leaving nothing opaque! The amount of light flow inside must be spectacular and just look at the fascinating angular nature of the building itself! Inspiration overload!


4. A bungalow with a difference.

A bungalow with a difference

Think bungalows are all boring? Think again! This beautiful example has stripped away a huge amount of opaque wall material, to leave space for gorgeous windows that have changed the facade forever. Gone is the fuddy-duddy look and in its place stands a modern one-story dream home!


5. Over two floors.

Over two floors

Now this really IS a lot of glass! The two-storey design of this home really emphasizes just how much glazing has been used and given that the garden is clearly unconstrained, every glass panel simply reflects the dazzling sky and breathtaking views. Talk about a home for a movie star!


6. Shapely and stylish.

Shapely and stylish

Choosing to add just one wall of glass to a home is a great idea, if you love the look but are limited to a built-up area to build in. Here, we see a rear wall totally replaced with glazing, in a bid to open up the home to the private rear garden and the finished look is extraordinary!

 7. A central feature.

A central feature

Don’t you go thinking that a period home can’t enjoy a touch of extra glass, as this magnificent property was originally built in 1921, but looks every inch the modern and contemporary masterpiece, thanks to a central glass terrace extension! The double-height atrium-like space makes sure that all eyes are firmly on it!


8. Striking contrasts.

Striking contrasts

Transparent, almost delicate glass and solid, opaque black concrete are perfect opposites that naturally attract each other and look amazing together. The finished result is a home so perfectly balanced that it hangs on a knife edge! Any extra concrete and the industrial heaviness would have taken over and any extra glass and you’d have a far more open property. What a genius design!


9. A modern masterpiece.

A modern masterpiece

Speaking of genius designs, just look at this home! Filled to the brim with glass, every angle has been carefully conceived to allow for maximum light flow and appreciation of the location. Without all the glass in place here, the building could have looked totalitarian and almost scary, but thanks to the massive amount of glazing, it simply radiate modern chic.


10. Tradition meets modernity.

Tradition meets modernity

This 1930s family home is proof incarnate that you can even improve on the most traditional of family homes, with some extra windows! By adding a shape;y extension to the rear and filling it with glazing, the vibe inside and first impression made by this house is radically different from what it once was. We’ve never seen anything like it!


11. To admire the view.

To admire the view

Finally, if you love getting back to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life, there’s no better way to do so than with a cabin out in the woods, with a fully glass wall! You can sit back and relax, while watching the world just go about its business outside, as your worries drift away! We don’t need anymore convincing, that’s for sure!