The eternal battle between the heart and mind

The eternal battle between the heart and mind

by: Arwal Dhar

The most extraordinary thing about love, I believe, is that you’ll find it in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected people. You’ll end up falling for someone you nearly hated the sight of. And believe me, that happened to me. The first guy I dated, before I started liking him, I literally couldn’t stand him I was that annoyed by his existence. And there’s definitely no time period for love. You can fall in love at the age of five, which eventually grows into a heart warming childhood romance. Or you can fall in love at the age of forty. It’s never time bound. Because it’s something beyond your control to such a massive extent that you just cannot possibly determine when or how you’ll fall in love. You usually end up liking someone a lot more than you planned on and then you start investing too much time and energy in something you probably know is only going to last a couple of months. But you can’t really help it. Heart knows no bounds of insanity, it isn’t even meant to be tamed, only that your brain needs to step in at the right moment and help you regain consciousness. Because if it was up to your heart you’d probably give yourself away to someone and allow them to break you beyond any repair.

So now when does this battle between the heart and the mind begin? This is not only when you fall in love but even otherwise. It happens every day, in every little instance you’ll find yourself constantly juggling between doing what you want and doing what you should and unfortunately in all likelihood, they’ll never be the same. So you always have to take a pick. It’s so hard to even make these little decisions on a daily basis that when it’s at a bigger scale you’re completely lost. For example, you’re on a diet and your friends decide to go to your favorite bakery and obviously accompany them. You see your favorite red velvet cupcake or New York cheesecake slice right across the shop and all you really want to do is grab them all and gulp them down your throat at once. Your stomach’s literally aching for it, demanding you to purchase them. But then there’s a constantly a bell ringing at the back of your head reminding you that you’re on a diet and that amount of sweet will make you crazy fat and make all your workout redundant. Obviously you’re allowed cheat days but then that day isn’t one of your cheat days, you’ve already had plenty. And on top of that, your friends are constantly urging you to have it telling you that it’s okay to have one cupcake. Of course it’s okay to have one cupcake, it never killed anyone, but the question is would you really stop at that? So what do you do? Who do you go with? The sensible voice at the back of your head, or your groaning stomach?

I’ve gone with both every once in a while; Alternated, actually. That’s my safest bet I believe. Because I think you have to keep your head and your heart both happy to the best of your ability. They’re your most vital organs after all. The thing about going with your head is that it’ll usually make you stuff with is rational and correct. It makes you very stable and sane which is great on many levels but then it’s boring and sometimes it really hurts because it doesn’t usually permit you to do things you really want to do. You’ll probably take all the ambitious decisions of your life from your head, but the motivation behind the ambition will always emerge from the heart. The heart wants the heart wants very literally. It needs to explanation, no justification, no lectures on what’s right and what’s wrong. It just wants what it wants. It’s stubborn and mean and wicked. But at the same time, it might just give you the best experiences of your life. That guy you really liked but dated for only a couple of months? You’re more likely to have done the craziest cute stuff for them, and you’d have a lot of your first time specials with them.

Your relationship may have been really naive, but it was raw and fresh and definitely unforgettable. You learn the most important lessons of your life from the things and people you love the most. And these lessons may be really painful sometimes, but they prepare you for a whole lot of things you’re yet to experience. They give you this mini trailer of what the rest of your life is going to be like. So what do you pick between the heart and the mind? The lucid mind or the lunatic heart? I’ll go with both at different occasions. The heart will bring you joy in the most unpleasant situations and the head will help you walk through seemingly pleasant situations which are an illusion in reality. So the real question is, can you really pick one? I don’t think so. It’s always situational. Plus if you’d have to stick with any one, you’d either be depressed or broken. So keep them both happy. Because it’s never going to be the heart or the mind losing, it’ll just be you losing to yourself.