8 Ways To Defend Yourself From Bullies

8 Ways To Defend Yourself From Bullies

Pretty much everyone has been in some way a part of bullying – whether as a bystander or the actual bully. It has been a growing issue for decades now and there are no indications it will stop.

Bullying can be classed into several types, such as emotional, physical, cyber bullying etc. One of the most common types of bullying is physical and you’ve probably witnessed it or been a part of it.

However, it’s very common for victims not to respond to physical bullying. Now, that doesn’t mean they want to be a part of it. On the contrary, they’re probably emotionally and physically weak and aren’t able to stop the bullying. So here’s what you have to do.

Tell them!

Studies show that being a tattler is not a great idea at first – the bully might come back at you with even more aggression. It also might ruin your reputation and give the bully additional incentive.

However, studies also show that telling the bully what they are is also an effective method because the bully will know that you will eventually tell this to someone who can do something about it. This will put the bully in a lot of trouble.

War of the words

How good is your humor? Are you sarcastic? Well, you can use this as an advantage against your bully. Majority of bullies are looking to engage into physical altercations. Most of them just want to make others laugh by making you weak.

Instead of remaining silent and letting the bully lash out at you, use your humor and sarcasm to embarrass them. Make others laugh at them, not at you. Just make sure you stop on time, otherwise, you’ll trigger them further. It’s all about timing.

Call them out!

Bullies are usually weak and insecure inside and they cover that up AND compensate for with allowing themselves to appear stronger in front of others – which is sort of a definition of a bully.

They belittle other to make themselves feel better. In most cases, their display of strength is nothing but an act. Standing up for yourself and calling them out on it will cause them to back down.

Still, you have to be careful with this. Some bullies aren’t afraid of turning things physical, and they will resort to this is the start feeling mocked by others.

Be a part of a group

Strength lies in numbers. This is exactly why animals hunt in packs or graze in large groups. When it comes to bullies, having your friends around will make sure that things don’t get physical.

The reason why is because the bully knows that if they mess with one of you, they will eventually have to deal with the rest of your friends. However, this will only avert the physical part, they will still probably keep bullying you verbally.

Know your odds

You should absolutely never go looking for a fight. If you happen to face an adversary, don’t be foolish and charge right in. Bullies move in groups, too.

If you really want to engage in an altercation, now your odds before you do so. If they have friends with them, they will join in to defend the bully.

Train yourself

Knowing how to control your body and mind in a confrontational situation is of extreme importance. And how can you achieve that? Well, proper self-defense is a good way to do that.

Martial arts can be an effective way to keep your body and mind sharp. They will not only teach different ways of defense and attack, but they will teach you how to make the right judgment.

When there is no other way but to engage in an altercation with the bully, having a strategical (and physical) advantage is not something you should write off.

Be unpredictable

Physical altercation should always be the last resort. Nevertheless, if you’re certain that “things are about to go down”, don’t wait for the first punch to be thrown. Your bully won’t be expecting you to strike first, which gives you the element of surprise.

Once the bully is caught off guard and placed on the defensive, your job is pretty much done. There are two ways the altercation can unfold – you can find your way out of the situation and find “safe ground” or make your effort count.

End the altercation

Sometimes there’s is no other solution but to fight your bully and make a statement. Once you get the element of surprise, make sure you put the bully down to the ground and, if necessary, come at them again.

However, you don’t want to cause severe injuries or get yourself in a lot of trouble. So, what should you do? Pin them down to the ground so they don’t get a chance to come back at you. Then let them know that if they want to bully you, that’s what they’ll get every single time.

Physical altercation is never the solution, but standing up for yourself and what you believe might cause your bully to start a fight. Learning to defend yourself, verbally or physically, can help you avoid being bullied on.