I am grateful for every bit of rain trickling down my face

I am grateful for every bit of rain trickling down my face

Change yourself, change your life

Forgiveness and inability to forgive plunder our ability to enjoy life and appreciate it because we continue to be in the captivity of a past full of anger and bitterness. Forgiveness helps us to break away from this past and appreciate the present, including the drops of rain running down our face.

Are we able to return with joy even in the most terrifying circumstances. Can we forgive the greatest injustice and continue to enjoy life?
See a strong story telling us about it. And from which we can only learn …

Anthony Ray Hinton spent 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. During the killings he was convicted of, he was in a closed factory in Alabama, but when he was arrested, the police told him he would go to jail because he was black. He spends 30 years in a cell and fifty-two meters, under strict isolation, being allowed to go out only an hour a day.

When Anthony is sentenced to death after a sketchy trial, he feels angry and ruined by the way the American justice system destroys his life.

“When no one believes on your word, you end up talking at all. In the morning I was not saying “Good morning!” I was not saying “Goodnight!”. I was not saying, “How are you?” To nobody. If the guards wanted some information from me, I wrote my answer on a piece of paper. I was angry! – he says. “But on the fourth year, one day I heard a man from the neighboring cell crying. Then suddenly I felt that the love and compassion my mother had brought me up woke up in me. I asked him what had happened. He replied that he had just learned that his mother had died. I said to him, “Look at it in another way. Now there is someone in the sky who will protect you from God. “Then I told him a joke and he laughed. Suddenly my voice and my sense of humor have returned. For 26 years after that night, I was trying to focus on the problems of others, and when it came to the end of the next day I did that, I realized I had not thought about my problems. ”

Thus, Hinton is able to fill with love and compassion a place, in principle deprived of love, to discover joy in one of the most jaded places on the planet.

While in the wing of the deaths, he witnessed 54 people going out of their cells and heading to the execution chamber. Five minutes before he executed the execution, he drove the other prisoners to strike at the cellars of his cells. “In the wings of the dead, I met people who apparently did not have the unconditional love that I had received from my mother. I did not know if they had close people out there, whether they had friends in jail. But we became a family, so when they were going to their death, we pounded the bars to tell them, “We are with you and we will love you to the very end.”

During his stay in prison, Hinton became counselor and friend not only to other prisoners but also to the guards, many of whom pleaded for his attorney to do his best to get him out. The Supreme Court unanimously orders his release and he finally leaves prison as a free man.

“One does not realize the value of freedom until they take it away,” he says. “People are hiding from the rain, and I run out when it’s over. How can something falling from the sky not be valuable? For so many years I missed the rain, that I am now grateful for every drop that runs down my face. I long for that feeling. ”

When Hinton is interviewed in the US broadcast “60 minutes” and the guy asks if he is angry at the people who put him in jail, he says he has long forgiven them. And the leading mistrust exclaims: “But they took 30 years of your life! How can you not be angry? “Hinton’s answer is:

“If I’m angry and angry, they’ll take away the rest of my life. Not the world gives you joy, and it does not take you away. You can let people get into your life and destroy it, but I refuse someone else to take away my joy. I get up in the morning and I do not need someone else to laugh at me. I can smile myself, laugh, because I’m blessed with another day, and when you are blessed to see another morning, it’s enough to feel joy. I’m not going to complain about this: “Man, I have no dollar in my pocket.”

I still have one to have money; I wonder if I’m blessed to see the rising sun for another day. Do you know how many people have money but will not wake up this morning? Well, what is better: to have a billion dollars and not to wake up, or to be ruined and alive? I’d rather be ruined and wake up every morning this week.

In June, I told CNN reporter I had three dollars and fifty cents in my pocket, and for some reason I never felt happier in my life. “With three dollars and fifty cents in my pocket!”, She said. And I told her: “You know, my mother has never taught us that every day we need to make as much money as possible. She taught us what true happiness is. He said that when you are happy, the people around you are also happy. I see all those people who have a lot but are not happy. Here, I spent 30 long years, day after day, in that narrow cell, and I wonder why there are so many people who have never been imprisoned – not a day or an hour or a minute – but they are not happy. I do not know why they are not happy, but I can say that I’m happy because I’ve chosen to be one. ”

Excerpt from The Book of Joy, Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu