Do You Want a Flat Stomach – Get One Hot Drink Before 8 AM

Do You Want a Flat Stomach – Get One Hot Drink Before 8 AM

Coffee is not the only hot drink you need this morning (we need it desperately with a dash of milk). There’s another warm cup that will rehydrate your body and help your flat belly goals. It’s healthy, has zero calories and spurs your metabolism to get moving.

We have friends that drink iced beverages year round when they wake up. But cold drinks slow your body and metabolism. On the other hand, a warm or hot cup gets your body moving at a rapid pace. That means your entire body is engaged in creating and using energy that leads to weight loss.

The best morning drink is hot water with lemon! “The more lemon water you drink the better for you since it helps food break down easily in your digestive system,” says Suzanne Jezek-Arriaga, nutrition and holistic health coach and the author of Nourish to Flourish. Lemon has vitamin C to aid weight loss. A study found that people who have sufficient levels of vitamin C intake burned more fat than people who were C deficient.

Another way hot lemon water helps is simply that people prefer the taste of lemon water to plain water. It’s pretty common to think you’re hungry when you’re really just super thirsty. So if the idea of water isn’t appealing, you might have a glass of juice before breakfast. Juice is pure sugar with zero health benefits. But if you think hot water with lemon tastes great, then you’ll have it instead of high-calorie, sugary drinks.

It’s really easy to get dehydrated. You think you’re drinking enough water over the course of a day but maybe you’re not. Being dehydrated can slow down your metabolism. Research found that people don’t start to feel thirsty until they lose 2% of their body weight in water. This is around the same time that your exercise endurance goes south. But a well-hydrated body has ample energy to get in a fat-busting workout.